Feb 04 - 2020

What is Vietnamese fine dining?

In its dining options, Vietnam remains fairly down to earth. Vietnam is known for its street food, and bustling eateries alleyways, but pioneering its contemporary, fine dining scene is a newly risen trend that seeks to elevate traditional recipes that have so defined Vietnamese cuisine. 

1. What Is Fine Dining ?

Fine dining or formal dining restaurants offer an upscale setting and service while featuring unique and often more expensive menu options. As opposed to casual eateries, cafes or family-style restaurants, fine dining caters to an upscale clientele and provides the highest quality of food. A fine dining restaurant has a formal atmosphere, is almost always a sit down restaurant, and has a fancier menu than most restaurants. 

2. Vietnamese Fine Dining

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine is among one of the best in the world because it is fresh, flavorful and balanced with a unique combination of culinary influences from French, Chinese and Southeast Asian cultures. In addition, the cuisine is blessed with a regional diversity of ingredients and dishes from Hanoi in the north to  Hue and Hoi An in the central and Saigon and the Mekong Delta in the south. For me, the most exciting place to savor it all is in Saigon which has an amazing variety of regional cuisines from all over Vietnam.

Vietnamese fine dining puts a breath of fresh air and something “new, and it takes a more contemporary and modern approach. This new cuisine is about food that is not only up-to-date, but that has a history, a story and reference points in traditional techniques and local ingredients. My goal first and foremost is to learn as much as possible from the traditional food culture, and then search for new and innovative ways to modernize humble dishes to gourmet level using quality ingredients and modern cooking techniques, all while retaining the spirit and flavor of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese fine dining restaurants and chefs in Hanoi want people to know that there is more to VIetnamese cuisine than just pho and banh mi. People should by all means try these iconic dishes, but at the same time, there are so many other dishes that are worth trying, such as bo kho beef stew, cha ca turmeric and dill dish, and nem nuong pork stews, - some variations of these dishes are currently available at The Rhythms Restaurant.