About Us

An exquisite note of genuine local dishes

The Rhythms Restaurant takes inspiration from the fundamental characteristic of music. In frequencies, timbres, and the passage of beats through time to form rhythms, music can be considered as a carrier of life-information.
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The notion that music can touch the core of our being, mood and attitudes has been manifested through the time-honored bonding with melodic rhymes of prominent poets and music composers. And though Shakespeare, the master poet of romance, once referred to music as the “food of love”, he went much further, writing that music has the power to create art as well as to destroy life.

Our restaurant concept is formed in harmony with the rhythms of the King’s Symphony, showcasing an orchestra of Vietnamese authentic cuisine embellished with the grandeur of royal ambience. The blending of sophisticated Western architecture with local heritage has created a beautiful melody, expected to touch the emotion of guests and take them on a unique sensory journey.

Our dream for The Rhythms is to capture the charm of local cuisine and elevate it to an upper standard with compassion and creativity. The development of our upcoming restaurants is expected to cultivate a harmonious society where both locals and international friends can embrace, cherish and spread the taste of Vietnamese cuisine throughout the region.